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FYM Rubbish Removal and Yard Cleanups

Living in the tropics is great, lovely weather, beautiful gardens, palm trees and a laid back lifestyle. What more could you want out of life? 

Unfortunately living in the tropics also carries with it some negatives and two of those are; the build up of green/garden waste and the threat of tropical cyclones. Fichera Yard Maintenance are here to help you with both of these issues.

Fichera Yard maintenance can help you remove all of those ugly looking dead palm fronds that seem to littler our gardens and yards every few weeks. As well as that we can make sure that your yard is cleared of any potential debris/rubbish in the event that a tropical cyclone is threatening the area. 

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Remove green waste and,
  • Pick up general household rubbish and deliver it to the dump for you and, 
  • Help identify potential debris risks in your yard in the event of a tropical cyclone and then assist you with minimising this risk by removing it or securing it. 

So if you feel that you can benefit from our rubbish removal services, please give Giulian and his team a call on 0429908833 or if it's easier, simply submit the quote request form below using our website.





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